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Are you looking for an intentional community to visit, learn from, or hopefully call home?

Ecovillages, cohousing, co-ops, permaculture centers… With so many different kinds and styles of community living, it can feel overwhelming to know what is best for you.

Hi, I’m Cynthia and I’m here to help you find your community.

Over the past decade I’ve traveled to over two hundred intentional communities worldwide. I’ve seen all the things that can go right, and all the things that can go terribly wrong with finding a new community.

Now I help people from all backgrounds to find the community that is best for them. Save time and energy by avoiding misaligned communities.

It’s my passion and pleasure to get you connected with the specific communities that are a good fit for YOU— based on your needs, your values, and your lifestyle.

Ready to make your community dream a reality?

During our Matchmaking Session, you can expect to learn…

Which communities in your ideal location have openings right now for new members

The different types of communities so you can determine which is best for you

Typical “red flags” or warning signs of the communities you want to avoid

Key questions to ask a potential community during your interview process

Ideas for how you can improve your value as a community member

Cautionary and inspiring stories from my experiences in a variety of communities

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What you will receive:

  • In-take form to share about your community wishes, goals, and questions
  • 1-1 session with Cynthia via Zoom or phone for up to 60-mins
  • 5-20 recommended communities specific to your needs, as well as additional resources
  • Email support from Cynthia as you research, contact, and visit communities

Cynthia was masterful. She helped me clarify the intentional communities that fit me, better get to know them, and finally choose one that I’m now a member of. She also raised my cultural understanding of community living to help me launch a new chapter of my life. I have no doubt anyone in a community journey will find great value in her guidance. She is also a deeply warm thoughtful soul to work with.


With expertise, humanity, and intuition, Cynthia asked targeted and guided questions that helped lead me to define and refine what I am seeking in a community. She is personable, easy to relate to and steadfast in her knowledge of intentional communities. I wholeheartedly recommend her to help guide you in your search for a well matched community!


Cynthia proved to be an excellent ally in assisting me in my search for ecovillages and communities. She was super-knowledgeable, thorough, kind, thoughtful, and an excellent listener. She recommended several sites that I had not heard of, many of the which she had visited personally. I felt very inspired and hopeful after our session — her enthusiasm for the regenerative movement is very infectious and genuine, which combined with her experience and commitment made her a great helper for finding the best next steps forward for myself. Five stars!


My session with Cynthia was wonderful. She arrived already very well prepared when we started. Due to her extensive community experience, she could offer many insights, provide useful tips and present selected communities to me that she had visited herself. The dialogue also helped me to reflect about what I am looking for in a community… I experienced a safe space where I could express my fears, hopes and expectations regarding life in community and received valuable feedback from on these. Cynthia as very passionate and committed to the topic, very attentive and tuned in to my perspective.


Had an awesome session with Cynthia. The number one community she recommended looks like a perfect match. I could not believe I never heard of it, along with some of the others recommended. Out of potentially thousands of communities, Cynthia matched me with very similar values revealed on their websites. I am in the process of applying to visit the number one recommendation. I’m excited for that & thankful for Cynthia ‘s skills. Beyond well worth.


The session went really well! I could tell that Cynthia spent some time reviewing my intake form to consider which communities would be best for me. She listened attentively as I described what I was looking for in a community. After she listened, she gave me a concise list of communities that she thought would fit my needs and explained why those communities would work for my needs. Thank you again for this reasonably priced and high quality service. Her recommendations should speed the process of me finding a wonderful Intentional Community to call home.



I'm not sure if I want to join a community yet. Should I still book a session with you?

Many people choose to have a session before they are 100% sure they want to join a community because they want to start learning about what their options are and get guidance on if community living is right for them. If you don’t feel ready, how about taking the Community Type Quiz? It’s free and a great way to start learning about communities that may be a fit for you. .

I want to start a community instead of join one. What should I do?

Keep in mind that joining an established community is way easier than trying to start one, and you may be suprised that a community that is close to your vision already exsits.

If you are seriously interested in starting a community and want consultancy on your next steps, sign-up for a Community Starters Consult. You’ll get advice specific to your project as well as introductions where apprioprate.

In what parts of the world can you recommend communities?

I can recommend communities in all regions of the world. That said, I have the most experience visiting communities in North and Central America, Europe, and India. I mostly work with Americans or Europeans looking for communities at home or abroad. Feel free to contact me if you are unsure if I can help you with the region you are interested in.

Will you put me in direct contact with my recommended communities?

After our matchmaking session you will receive your personal list of recommended communities, including links to learn more about them and a short description of why I think each community could be a good fit for you. I encourage clients to first contact the communities they are most interested in on their own. If for some reason you don’t hear back from a community you are excited about or it seems especially fitting, I’ll put you in touch with a connection at the community if I have one.

Do you offer a lower rate for low-income individuals?

Yes! Please contact me to inquire about my sliding scale rate.

I still have questions. How do I contact you?

Head over to the contact page and I’m happy to help. Looking forward to being in touch!

Save yourself years of fruitless searching. Take action on your community vision now.