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Cynthia is a leading speaker and educator on intentional communities — ecovillages, cohousing, coliving, housing cooperatives, permaculture communities, and the like.

Loneliness, rising housing costs, growing divisiveness, and climate crisis are all driving a movement towards starting and joining intentional communities. 

Far from the stereotypical hippy commune, these communities are accessible to people from a wide range of backgrounds and walks of life. They offer profound insights into how families, seniors, teams, and organizations can build lasting communities.

Having traveled to over a hundred intentional communities around the world, Cynthia’s stories offer an inspiring and practical perspective on how we can come together to face the challenges of our times. She provides listeners with tools for community building and resources for engaging with this growing movement.

As an engaging speaker, Cynthia helps people discover alternative residential communities for inspiration, insight, and practical action.

What People Are Saying

“The guidance and inspiration that Cynthia Tina provided at Edenvale Retreat Center took us all to a new understanding of visioning for the future— for our organization and our community! Her eloquent, powerful and warm presentation has given us new insight and direction in ways to see future possibilities before us. As a visionary leader in working for a productive, sustainable and peaceful world, Cynthia has also given us a deeper understanding of the part we can offer into that vision. Thank you, Cynthia!”

—Jeannie Martin, Edenvale Retreat Center

“Cynthia set the stage for an enthusiastic and collaborative group-think. She steered the process brilliantly, so that people were heard, diverse insights and perspectives were articulated and evaluated, and time felt very productive.”

—David McCobb, EcoVillage at Ithaca

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Watch Cynthia In Action

Exit&Build Land Summit, Nov 2021

Reimagining Education Conference, Feb 2022

Interview w/ LATITUDE | Regenerative Real Estate, Nov 2021

Intro to Intentional Communities Webinar, Aug 2021

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