3 Barriers Keeping You from Your Dream Community

How to Find Your People and Finally Feel At Home Without the overwhelm and years of fruitless searching

Thursday, Jan 27 at 6pm Eastern
30min webinar followed by Live Q&A








Your dream of living in a supportive, like-minded community while contributing to a better world IS POSSIBLE.

Around the world people are starting and joining intentional communities to experience more support, connection, and purpose.

Ecovillages, cohousing, agrihoods, coliving, permaculture and homestead communities, spiritual centers, housing cooperatives— With so many options, it can feel overwhelming to know what’s best for you and your family.

Each community is different and you could easily spend years traveling to visit them just to learn what’s right for you…

Or you can save time and stress by receiving guidance from someone who has already done it!

For over a decade, Cynthia Tina has visited and worked with intentional communities across the globe. She’s helped hundreds of people learn about these places and get custom recommendations through her community matchmaking service.

Now she’s here to share with you what she’s learned!

In this 30-minute webinar, you will find out:

The 3 main barriers that keep people from their dream community

How you can avoid these sticking points and get where you want to go

Cynthia’s journey from mainstream ratrace to community living

Stories of people from different walks of life who’ve made the leap into community

Basics about the types of intentional communities and where to find them

Tools for thinking about your values and finding your people

What past webinar participants have to say…

“This is a wonderful webinar to give you an overview of finding intentional community. Cynthia breaks down all the concepts and inspires you to find the community you’re looking for through resources and insightful advice from her own experience.”

—Molly McKinney

“Cynthia has a wealth of information about communities around the world, and presented in a way that felt welcoming and inclusive. I’m amazed by the diversity of the backgrounds of people interested in intentional community!”

—Allison S.

Find Your People and Finally Feel at Home

Your dream community may be out there, ready to invite you in with open arms.

What are you waiting for?